At Veeg, we are all about bringing variety and value to the growing plant-based community. We’re building a network of Brighton’s independent businesses, ensuring that they can compete with bigger business and chains as they market their own vegan options.

Over time, we’ll be focussing on sustainability and donating double figure % of our profits (when we make one) to local charity because we believe in the value of giving back to the world we live in.

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Nicole quit her job at a technology start-up and (like many people who live here) moved to Brighton to start a business that was more aligned with what she enjoys in life.

A few tried and tested ideas later, Nicole settled on Veeg after too many days of eating falafel on a consultancy contract in the north.

She decided the time was right to bring variety and value to plant-based eaters and, having built networks of businesses before, that she could use her previous experience to make Veeg happen.

Making things happen is all about the people you work with and a common shared vision. Luckily for us, there are some good (vegan) eggs in the mix.

Matt left Brighton just as Nicole arrived, but they still managed to cross paths. Matt’s been an illustrator and graphic designer for the last [8?] years providing a range of clients with his creative talent.

Matt’s clean lines and block colours appealed to Nicole’s brand vision and Matt is the king of taking a brief and running with it.

You can check out more of Matt’s work at

Karl and Nicole have worked together on numerous projects over the last 5 years, including a project very similar to this one, so he’s well versed on what to build.

Karl is all about finding the simplest and most effective way to get things done, making sure that user experience is at the top of his priority. He’s all about using analytics to understand how people interact with what he builds and making necessary modifications to be sure our digital products provide the best possible experience for our users.

Andy also worked with Karl and Nicole on their last project together, he is a PHP, bootstrap and JavaScript developer: making sure that everything Karl does on the front end works like clockwork.

Andy and Karl come as a pair and practically communicate telepathically.

Geoff is a tech-focussed brand and UX legend: working as a Brand and Marketing Director for two prestigious UK-based businesses and consults for other major brands in his spare time.

He has been head-hunted by the likes of M&C Saatchi, LV and Heineken...and now Veeg ;)

Nicole and Geoff met at a hip-hop night he ran in one of York’s oldest pubs when she was 16 and he was....definitely old enough to drink.

Gino is a CFO by trade and also an economic genius. (Not his own words, but it’s true!)

G and Nic have worked together at multiple businesses over the last 10 years and G has become Nicole’s rational sounding board as well as external maths brain as well as a good friend.

When they encounter business issues, they enjoy challenging each other until they agree on a route forward.

Corporate business girlboss turned vegan entrepreneur in the making; Lianne owns and runs one of Brighton’s most popular vegan cafes: The Longhouse @thelonghousecafe.

A total vegan foodie with a highly credible background in sales and marketing - we just had to get Lianne on our advisory board.

Lianne and Nicole can sometimes be found drinking Picpoul in the pub with their dogs...and The Longhouse is Veeg’s unofficial 2nd office. Pop in and say hi.

As Head Chef at newly opened and UK-first, Canna Kitchen - - @cannakitchen_uk in Brighton; health retreat chef and soon-to-be-published co-author/contributor to a plant-based lifestyle book (follow @charlottecooksfood on Instagram for updates.

Charlotte is one of Nicole’s favourite people to chew the (non-animal) fat with about all things plant-based as well as giving Nicole insight into the restaurant side of the Veeg proposition.