Bite-sized chats with plant-based eaters about food and life in Brighton.

The second Erpingham House location opens in Brighton on 14th March 2020.

Meet Loui: vegan restaurateur, entrepreneur, speakeur, influenceur and (you get the picture) podcast host.

The founder of Erpingham House, Norwich, the UK's biggest (and arguably most beautiful) vegan restaurant talks vegan food in Brighton in advance of their second opening there.

Erpingham House is plant-based food made accessible, aspirational & inspirational.

Making plants the hero of the plate, in a beautiful setting and driven by a team that really care about our mission of inspiring conscious living. 

Loui Blake

Quick Qu's

Describe your diet:

Wholefood, plant-based & organic at home. I fast daily & so typically eat between 12 & 6, but manage a fair few calories in this time! I aim for nutrient-dense foods, supplement with protein, and usually start the day with juice or fruits. 

Current go-to food and why:

I love tempeh at the moment. The club cultured guys make the best I have had, and I normally add it to a Buddha bowl. 

Signature dish:

If I’m cooking, it’s a bunch of organic steamed veggies, side of lentils & splash of tahini & sprouted grains on top. 

Eating out, I usually grab the most unusual thing on the menu!

Guilty pleasure (food only please):

Medjool Dates with peanut butter & strawberries. 

Last vegan mess-up:

I drank half of what I thought was a soy latte in Amsterdam last year but it turned out to be cows' milk. Lost in translation. I'm sure it’s happened on other occasions too. 

Best places in Brighton for.....

Working lunch

Since undertaking building work, we’ve been spending a lot of time working from our neighbours, Zaitoon and their falafel is some of the best I have tried! 

Date night

I can’t say I’ve been on a date in Brighton, but I like the idea of grabbing vegan sushi from Happy Maki & heading for the beach! 

Mates night

The Roundhill pub, 100%. Its the perfect way to get non-vegan mates comfortable in a familiar environment & their food is great! 

Post-workout refuel

We’ve been doing some work with David Lloyd in Norwich & I’m so pleased they’ve extended their plant-based options nationally! I use the gym at the marina & so usually grab something after, or have my Fit Delis shake on me! 

Introducing a non-vegan to vegan food

You can’t go wrong with What The Pitta! I met the boys when they first launched in Shoreditch & I’ve converted a fair few people with their doner! 

Erpingham House, Norwich

Meaty Qu's

What drove your decision to set up the first Erpingham House?

I wanted to normalise plant-based food and give people access to healthier & more sustainable choices, without sacrificing flavour or nutrition.

I wanted to push my own boundaries and, with it, what was possible for a restaurant to inspire people to rethink the way they eat. 

What are you doing differently now?

Across the board, we want to drive innovation in plant-based cooking by using new ingredients and techniques, presenting dishes that surprise people.

Jason has come over from Los Angeles with a background running some of the world’s leading plant-based restaurants and been given creative freedom to lead our culinary efforts, with a mission aligned with my own. 

What are your brand and business principles?

We unapologetically take risks in pursuit of our mission. We are open & engage with our customers, as our business exists for them & the world. We will not compromise our ethics.

Tell us about the food you serve at Erpingham House and why it's different

Our food makes plants the centre of the plate.

We love creative pairing and focus on punchy food that’s as nutritious as it is delicious, and makes the best use of what's seasonally available.

We take inspiration from around the world and work with the best people we can find, from pastry to dinner dishes. 

What do you think is preventing people from switching to fully plant-based diets?

  • Awareness of the full extent of the implications of a western diet on our planet and our bodies
  • A cultural narrative so ingrained in our society it trumps logic
  • An element of toxic masculinity that suggests men need to eat meat to be a man.

We exist to change this. 

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