Sunday Roast connoisseur, Lee (@roastsinbrighton) begins his vegan roast journey at one of Brighton's best-known plant-based pubs.

We're putting the best of Brighton's vegan Sunday Roasts to the ultimate test: reviewed objectively by a regular meat-eater to get you an alternative perspective. Over to Lee for review number 1:

The Roundhill

So here we are, at The Roundhill for my first vegan roast experience. It’s not like I’m one of those people who turns their nose up at vegetarian or vegan food: at home, we have 2 or 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a week, but when it comes to the Sunday Roast I will pick the roast beef in a heartbeat. [Editor note: no judgey, please plant-heads!]

We arrived to find every table full (except ours, thankfully), so booking ahead is a must. This is clearly a popular venue for the plant-based crowd. The décor is great and feels quintessentially ‘Brighton’.

What we ate

As today was all about the vegan menu, I opted for The Roundhill Nut Roast, and my friend who joined me chose the Mustard, Maple and Treacle Seitan ‘Gammon’.

The Nut Roast: classic alternative option to meat, can get a hard wrap from some vegans, probably because it's served up so often. It could easily get boring.

Here at The Roundhill, the nut roast is an ever-changing recipe, tweaked and changed up every month or so – it was tasty and full of flavour. Served on it's own, it would have been a little too dry, but the healthy serving of gravy balanced the dish off well - so no problem!

The seitan ‘gammon’ was lovely and the mustard and maple flavours really came through. The portion was incredibly generous. If I had to level a criticism, I’d say it was maybe a bit too chewy, but ironically, that consistency is what makes it SO GOOD.

The roast potatoes were bang on; really crispy on the outside and cooked through on the inside.

The veg, as you would expect, was spot on. [Editor note: Meat-eater assumption!! Not all vegan places cook great veg and...guess what...The Roundhill chefs are not all vegan!]

Carrots that were cooked through perfectly and tenderstem broccoli that was just the right side of al dente too. Zero complaints.

I thought the cauliflower cheese was really good as well. [It's Lee's favourite element of a Sunday Roast] I wasn’t expecting to taste a sauce that was akin to one that had been made with loads of mature cheddar cheese, but the rich, creamy sauce that covered this cauliflower was great.

Opinions were split on the red cabbage. My friend loved it, and if you're into clove flavour, you will too. It's something I struggle with.

The Yorkshire pudding was a revelation!

I had no idea what to expect of the Yorkshire pudding, given a vegan Yorkshire, omits two of the standard ingredients. This one was a revelation. Denser than your usual Yorkshire pudding, for me it worked really well. I even considered asking for a second one. [Turning you into a plant-based piggy are we, Lee?]

Finally, the jus was perfectly adequate. There was plenty of it and it was on the thin side of the thickness scale.

The service was spot on throughout.

All staff that served us and dealt with us were really friendly, offering recommendations and making sure we wanted for nothing.

All in all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first vegan roast, and I’m pleased that Veeg have challenged me to try and see the light of the plant-based Sunday lunch. Bring on the next!


The Roundhill roast a solid 8 out of 10 roast potatoes from me, and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone who asks me where they can find a great vegan roast in Brighton. I might even head back!

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