Harriet's of Hove goes VEGAN

Even if you’re not dogmatic about pushing your diet ethics on other people, there’s no denying the internal ‘yay’ that comes when a friend or family member tells you they’ve tried plant-based.

This is how I felt when Harriet, co-founder of the plastic-free pantry ‘Harriets of Hove’ announced that they are (as of 3rd Feb) PLANT-BASED FOR THE PLANET. 

Here's the external 'YAY'.

' Veganuary has clearly done us good, considering I've grown 2 foot and Mr Harriet is half the size. Nice' - Harriet on Mihram's illustration

Harriet’s of Hove is the only completely plastic-free store in Hove and their efforts have set an example for conscious shopping all around Brighton. 

The shop, which sells refills (dry food, cleaning products, kombucha and toiletries) focuses on minimizing our damage to the planet whilst enabling us to carry on eating, drinking and living well. You can even reward yourself by filling up on beer.

And as a Veeg, you get 10% off as standard...putting them on par with major supermarkets for price. See ya later Tesco.

They’ve done a great job from day dot - producing their first full bag of non-recyclable waste after a long 24 weeks of trading.

Harriet’s have removed from sale: white, milk and banana chocolate, honey, candles and wax wraps.

But, naturally, this doesn’t mean that the shelves are empty. Among the pasta, grain and vegan chocolate refills, you will also find

  • Vegan honeycomb made from syrup and bicarb
  • Nutritional yeast for all your B12 and cheese-flavoured needs)
  • Vegan 'Honea' made from inulin: extracted from chicory and great for your gut

Harriet - fresh-faced from Veganuary 😉 said that making Harriet’s of Hove a plant-based store was the next step for the shop on its transition to becoming even more ecologically conscious. With a ton of research out there now surfacing (it’s been there for a while) to show that animal agriculture is one of the biggest ways for us to reduce our environmental impact, it makes sense. 

Looking forward to seeing what’s next.